White Label: Unknown error occured when saving

when I save the White Label settings in the Main WP Admin Panel, then I get the error “Unknown error occured when saving. Please, try again.” on all sites.
The error occurs with plugin version 4.3.1. When I downgrade to it works again.
Wordpress version on all sites 6.1.1.

Hey @mr-manuel

We’ve had reports of this issue which was due to an outdated White Label extension.
Can you please update MainWP Dashboard (v4.3.1) and MainWP Child plugin (v4.3.1) versions to the latest versions and then update White Label to the latest v4.1.3 and see if that helps?

Hello @bojan

with the latest White Label extension it’s working as expected. I found also the error, why the plugin was not auto updating. Somehow the API key was not saved anymore under the settings.

Thanks for your help!

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