Why is MainWP development so slow?

Hi there,

I just noticed that there a number of things on Trello roadmap that were added to ‘Idea’ or ‘Planned’ more than two to three years ago!

Why is MainWP development so slow?

Hi Muhammad,

Back in 2018, MainWP started working on big UI redesign that was introduced late in 2019. This update included a lot of UI changes and new features. After that we worked on Pro Reports extension since most of our users thought that we needed reporting system that will be more user-friendly than the old Client Reports extension.

After that, we started working on our code refactoring and documentation with a goal to attract more 3rd party developer. This is another very big update which will be beneficial for all MainWP users at the end. Version 4.1 is almost ready and the Beta release is expected very soon.

So at the end, I can’t agree that MainWP development is slow :wink:

One more thing, MainWP is open-source project, both plugins are in public repositories, so you can easily track changes. For anyone that wants to contribute to the code, pull requests are more than welcome. Here’s our guide on contributing and here’s how to submit a pull request.