[Won't Add] "Abandoned Plugins / Themes" could be more useful

As I see it the Abandoned Plugins option at present defaults to 365 days after installing MainWP. That means you will only see a warning a year after installing it for the first time. But the plugin or theme in question might actually have been outdated for years already.

There is a WP plugin called “Vendi Abandoned Plugin Check” which will add the period since the last update of each plugin in the WordPress plugin directory to the list of installed plugins, and will mark in red all periods longer than a year. It does so right after installation. It doesn’t check themes, though.

I think if the Abandoned Plugin function in Main WP worked the same way it would be far more useful right from the start. Especially if it worked for themes as well.

Hi Robin,

This is not correct.

MainWP checks the “Last updated” tag in plugin info from WP.org API. If if there are more than 365 days between the last updated date and the current date, it reports as possibly abandoned.

Yes, I know that by now. We discussed that in the other thread. It just seemed to me that way because the whole functionality was inactive until I actually changed the 365 days to something else.

HI Robin,

In order to improve this functionality, we are adding a Check Now button which can be used to trigger the checks on demand.

This should be available in the next release 4.1.6