[Won't Add] Automatically display a bare bones landing page on the dashboard site

After setting up a new WP install, and installing the dashboard plugin, I then had to go into the theme customizer and spend some time getting a blank homepage with no widgets, etc. It would be convenient if the installation of the dashboard plugin automatically created a plain (or even blank) homepage on the site so that people stumbling on your mainwp dashboard site wouldn’t be encouraged to poke around, click the login link, etc.

Check out the Clean & Lock extension. A big help in securing your dashboard install.


I already hid the login with another security plugin I’m familiar with so this is probably overkill but it seems like a nice plugin if you aren’t already doing some of that though. Thanks!

There is also the Intentionally Blank WordPress theme can help with striping down the front end.


Thanks, that’s a good theme to use, as long as it’s not a pain to get the “powered by wordpress” out of the footer, because my point here is to have the mainwp dashboard site homepage not hint at a wordpress, or worse, hint at a mainwp install that would give access to many sites if hacked into :slight_smile: I think at the very least, an install of the mainwp dashboard plugin should force a “hide the backend login page” feature, and utilize a completely blank template. And then the user can set the homepage to say something like “new site coming soon”…