WooCommerce 6.8.0 release includes a smart shipping defaults bug for live stores

When updating to WooCommerce 6.8.0 version (released 9th August) smart shipping should only apply for new sites. But ends up adding a free shipping zone on existing production sites.

The issue was fixed in WooCommerce 6.8.1 release.

Hi Sebastian,

Did you find anything about if the unwanted shipping zone is automatically removed in 6.8.1 or do we need to check/clean every site?

Is this added only on websites where since 6.8.0 the OBW (OnBoarding Wizard) was run? That would drastically reduce the risk.

And do you know if we can use a code snippet to list the shipping zones for every site, so we can check all managed sites via MainWP?

I checked 3 sites manually and didn’t see an extra shipping zone, so it looks like it didn’t hit every site.


The PR for the fix is not very clear if the free shipping zone was conditional on anything being run from the WooCommerce setup wizard (onboarding) . Not clear if the 6.8.1 release would remove any free shipping zone that was added in error from the 6.8.0 release.

There is a WooCommerce WP-CLI command that would list out shipping zones in table format (default).


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