WooCommerce Status Works on Single Sites but broken on the Dashboard

The WooCommerce status widget is broken on the dashboard while it works perfectly on single sites overview pages.

On the dashboard the numbers have a strange format like “1,000.99” Comma and dot are switched. While it is correct on the single site overview: “1.000,99”.

Also, the most sold products is not even a list it is just a string of commas: “,”. I have sent this to the support a while ago and after the fix it was worse than before. Before it at least hat the product names in it. I asked to add the shop-name and then the plugin was updates and the product names were gone.

Please help!

Thanks in advance. I love MainWP but I really want you to get those bugs fixed.

Hi Konstantin,

thanks for reaching out and pointing out this issue.

The team took some time to fix this bug and make some UI changes. I figured that the list of top seller products (global Overview widget) could be improved.

Here is what we did:

while the Widget on site-specific Overview stays the same.

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions. Please send me a PM if you want me to send you the pre-release version, but I would expect the official release very soon.

Thanks again.

Thanks this looks awesome!!

Please make sure that the number for at also is the same as in the single child page. I guess it is language dependent. Or should be a global setting. :slight_smile:

Hi Konstantin,

thanks for getting back to me. I am happy to see you like it.

I was just working on the number formatting:

So the number is formatted as it’s set in WooCommerce settings on the child site, the same as it is in the site-specific Widget.

Here is an example of the number higher than 1k:

which matches the single-site widget:

But how is it then presented on the dashboard if it depends on the childs site woocommerce setting? Do we need to install WooCommerce on the dashboard to configure this? I mean I have the same settings on all child sites (like “1.000,99 €”), so I guess even if id loaded any of the formats from there is would be ok.

MainWP Child sends pre-formatted data. So there is no need have WooCommerce installed on the Dashboard site.

Basically, if you have child sites with different settings, the Sales data will be displayed differently, for each child site as it’s set on the child site.

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