Wordfence Dashboard keeps loading


I am using the Wordfence extension with my 20 WP sites. However, when I load the Wordfence Dashboard, it keeps loading and loading and loadning …

Any suggestions on how to make this work?
The extension is updated - and so i WP.



Hey @Chrilles_Wybrandt

We’ve had a report about this previously, and the issue was caused by the web browser. Either a browser extension/plugin or some configuration setting.

Can you please try a different browser and in the Incognito/Private window so that there are no browser extensions running?

If that doesn’t help, please try temporarily deactivating all plugins and extensions in WordPress except for MainWP Dashboard and Wordfence extension, and see if that helps.

And just to be sure, the extension version you have installed is 4.0.6, and the MainWP is 4.2.6?

Yes, both versions are up to date.

I have tried both Safari and Edge, and both browsers only work when in incognito mode.

Is there a way to solve that?



We are unable to test Safari, but Edge works in standard, non-incognito modes with both default and strict privacy settings.

Are you running any browser extensions in those browsers? If so, can you try disabling them on your MainWP Dashboard and see if that helps?

Hi Bojan,

I have deleted cookies, checked versions, disabled and enabled alle plugins and cleared cache - and in Edge it is only working in incognito mode.

However, it is working in both Safari and Chrome.

I will just see if it changes some day and I will try to remember to let you know. And please let me know, if you find a fix some day.



Hey Chrilles,

Thanks for the update.

I’ll let you if we find more information about possible compatibility issues with Edge on MacOS.

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