Wordfence not showing

I’ve looked up this issue and noticed a problem in the past but no result on how to fix it. I’ve installed the Wordfence extension as well as the wordfence plug in on a couple of my sites. If you look at my Plugins, it shows up there on three sites. If you go to the Extension it says there isn’t a plugin installed.

@huskylogic I am going to take a guess and say that you have installed the MainWP WordFence Extension on your Child Site - this Extension doesn’t belong there. ALL MainWP Extension belong installed on MainWP Only.

In order to get it working correctly - Uninstall the MainWP WordFence Extension from your Child Sites and re-install it on your MainWP Dashboard.

The MainWP WordFence Extension will then communicate with any Child Site that the WordFence Plugin Installed.

If this is not the case we will need to collect a bit more information in order to understand what’s going on.

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