Wordfence plugin not detected on the site

I have 1 website which shows: Wordfence plugin not detected on the site.
But the plugin is installed and active.

All other plugins on the same website are detected correctly. Only WordFence is causing this issue.

What can be the cause of this?

Hi @alainL,

does it help if you resync the site?

Yes I tried Sync Data several times. This does not help. Also I deleted all WordFence data in database and reinstalled WordFence but this did not help.

That seems really strange. I am not sure that it would help, but it would be worth trying to re-add the site to your dashboard.

Is fixed, it was my mistake. For debugging I renamed the WordFence plugin folder on the server and forgot to put it back. After I restored the folder name as it was before the plugin was detected again. All good now.


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