Wordpress 5.4 Issues?

I just updated the site my MainWP runs off of to WP5.4 and now I keep getting odd behavior. Intermittently. Same thing has happened twice now.

What’s happening is when I click on anything, Chrome tries to download a file rather than go to the page. Hopefully it’s not just me?

Hi @fotan, thanks for reaching out. I am not able to replicate this behavior on our test sites.

Have you tried to deactiavte all plugins on the site to see if that helps?

Sorry. Not sure what the deal is. I reinstalled Wordpress from scratch and it did the same thing. Must be a hiccup with my server. I have reinstalled everything on my localhost and all is good.


If you get a download screen when a PHP file should be opened/executed, PHP isn’t running correctly, so it’s always a server issue and not related to MainWP or WordPress.


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