WordPress 5.9 has been released

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It may be nice, but it completely broke my mainwp install.

What issue was happening on the MainWP dashboard site running WordPress 5.9?

All the child site meta data disappeared. The only thing showing was the list of the connected sites. I tried to do a sync and the sync window was empty.

Thankfully, I had a backup of the site with the core WP files. I recovered from this backup and everything came back and is now functionally normally now.

Hi Ken,

We received your ticket #8741 and as we replied, this is not something we can duplicate on our test setups.
Let’s continue in the ticket about the problem and see what is going on.

I don’t know what the hell happened. I want back into the site to do a screen capture of what it was doing. At some point, WP did the update on its own and everything is working fine. So super wired!

Sorry for freaking out. I just lost my mind when I saw this after the WP update and wanted to get the word out before anyone else ran into this issue without having a backup.

And just to test it, I did a reinstall of WP 5.9 and it had no effect on the site.

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