WordPress SEO Extension - Yoast interface appears randomly

When editing a child site’s post from the MainWP admin console, the Yoast fields are displayed regardless of whether the child site has Yoast installed.

Those fields should be hidden if there’s no Yoast plugin installed on the child site.

Can you get me screenshot of the problem so I am 100% sure I am following?

Perhaps I can explain the steps to reproduce…

  • install WordPress SEO extension on the main admin console
  • identify a child site that does NOT have Yoast plugin installed
  • using the main admin console, edit a post that belongs to that child site
  • notice that the Yoast fields are visible on the post edit screen… they should be hidden because Yoast is not installed on that child site

Hi @rickyT, thanks for the additional details. I will make note about this problem for our dev team.

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