Wordpress sites with altered admin login page URL

Is there a way to change the MainWP site parameters for an alternate wordpress login page. We changed the URL of the wordpress login page for one of our sites, for security reasons and now we can’t hit it from MainWP because MainWP wants to go to the standard login page.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for reaching out. By default, MainWP is fully compatible with altered wp-admin/login page URLs.
There is no need to update parameters in MainWP.

If some feature is not working properly, there is some other reason.


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Hi Bogdan,

Thanks so much for the prompt response. I don’t understand though. The site in question is behaving as it should when I link from MainWP using the “go to WP admin” link for the site in question. It gets a 404 because the login URL has been altered.

How would MainWP know the altered login URL?

Thanks again for the insight.


Hi Mark,

do you use iThemes Security plugin on the child site in the issue?

MainWP doesn’t need to know Login URL, MainWP just needs site domain name.

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I use altered login URLs with iThemes Security’s Hide Backend setting and MWP connects to the sites without any problems.

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Hi All,

New development; If I include the altered admin login in the URL on the MWP site spec it works fine. If i just use the unqualified domain it does not. It seems as though MWP is automatically appending wp-admin or wp-login to the URL when transferring to the WP dashboard.

I am going to try iTheme’s product and see how that works because the scum sucking pigs that are continuously trying to login to my site got around the plugin I am using.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Mark, thanks for the update. Let us know how it goes.

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