WP Engine Curl Timeout Setting

Just an FYI for those on WP Engine or considering them as a hosting provider. Their curl timeout setting is hard set to 60 seconds. They do NOT allow this setting to be changed, even for customers with their own dedicated server container. Any process which runs longer than 60 seconds will be killed by their system.

This creates problems when working with a large selection of sites. Depending on what I’m doing I’ve been able to select around 30-40 sites at a time. Not convenient, but it works.

That’s right - I have exactly the same issue and it’s very frustrating:

The MainWP plugins are very inefficient and process-heavy, which is why timeouts are common with large networks.

The child site sync & update processes should be put into an asynchronous queue, but this doesn’t seem to be a priority at MainWP.

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