WP-Matomo (WP-Piwik)

I am considering using the On-Premise version as I can install it via Softalicious.

I currently manage about 15 low traffic client websites and am wondering if it is best to install a central version or one install per client within each cPanel account. I know I can also install the WordPress version but I would like to view the analytics on the MainWP dashboard.

I guess my key question in relation to MainWP is whether it can pull data from multiple installs or do all sites need to be within one install?


Hey @Gary_Petro

Matomo extension connects to both Matomo on Premise and Matomo Cloud in the same way - via a single pair of credentials (the URL of the Matomo Dashboard and the API key). Therefore, it is not possible to connect the extension to multiple Matomo installations.
So if you wish to see the Matomo data of all your child sites on your MainWP Dashboard, all those child sites would have to be connected to a single Matomo on Premise dashboard.

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