WP Rocket cache

How can I increase the number of connections for clearing WPRocket cache?

Hi Ray,

thanks for reaching out.

I am not quite sure that I understand your requirement. Can you please post more details?

When clicking Clear WP Rocket Cache it runs 3 threads. I would leik to run more like 8 to help it speed along.

Hi Ray,

as per our testing the running the process, 3-by-3 is the best for extension performance. Hitting child sites with too many requests may cause the process to fail.

Hey Bogdan,

So you have options to change the number of threads for syncing and updates but not for this?
I mean those 2 potentially have the same issue as you are mentioning for this. but we have the ability to tweak those items.
I’m just confused regarding the thought process here.


Hi Ray,

If it’s required for you to handle more than 3 instances at the same time, please feel free to reach out to us via helpdesk ticket and I will have our team add a filter that will allow you to set custom value. Then after we have time to fully test on our end we can add to the Extension for everyone.

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