WP Rocket Extension / Clear Child Cloud Flare Cache


i have the wp rocket extension installed. I have also configured Rocket Add-Ons - Cloudflare and added Global API Key, Account eMail and Zone ID.

From MainWp Dashboard i can Clear Cache, Clear OP Cache and Preload Cache perfectly on Child Site.

But im wondering why in MainWP Dashboard the Button / Option is missing to Clear Cloud Flare Cache on Child Site ?

Do i miss something here.

best regards

Hi Sallida,

thanks for reaching out.

At the moment, the Clear Cloudflare Cache button is missing. We reviewed this earlier, but the way this feature is coded doesn’t allow us to easily trigger that feature from the dashboard site.

Our dev team will keep looking and if possible, we will implement this.


Hello Bogdan,

thanks for the information. I use on all websites wp rocket with cloudlfare integration. For me the whole mainwp rocket extension will make no sense, if im not be able also to clear the cloudflare cache, before pushing the updates to the child sites.

best regards

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