WP Rocket extension is way out of date with latest WP Rocket settings


I filed last year a feature request to have this improved, but it went nowhere unfortunately, so I’m filing this as a bug because while it may technically be working as designed, it’s incredibly outdated and not keeping up with WP Rocket changes. As a paid plugin, it makes me view this as a bug at this point.

Hoping this can be updated to reflect the latest WP Rocket differences between the app and the MainWP Rocket Extension, including the following areas (in no particular order):

  1. Remove Unused CSS is the default option for Optimize CSS Delivery in the app, yet MainWP Rocket extension doesn’t even support that option and only uses the older less-preferred “Load CSS Asynchronously” method.

  2. WP Rocket no longer disables emojis, so option should be removed from MainWP Rocket extension too

  3. WP Rocket has reversed the manner in which it delays JS when enabled, choosing to disable everything and only allowing for exceptions, whereas the older method used by the MainWP Rocket extension is asking for which scripts to delay instead of which scripts to exclude.

There is more I believe, but those are the first that come to mind. As you can see (especially with #1 and #3 above), there are some major discrepancies between the MainWP Rocket extension and the actual WP Rocket plugin. I hope these will be solved sooner than later, please, as some of these changes to WP Rocket were made quite a long time ago.

Hi @d19dotca

The development team is aware of these issues. Unfortunately, I don’t have the timeframe for the next release, which will bring the extension up to date with the plugin settings.

When I have more information, I’ll update this thread.

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