WP-Rocket extension not up to date / bug

WP-Rocket used to have these 2 sepeate options in the plugin:

  • Clear cache
  • Preload cache

However, in the latest version of the WP-Rocket plugin this has changend in one option only:

  • Clear and preload cache

The MainWP WP-Rocket extension is not up to date with these new WP-Rocket plugin settings:

  • There are still 2 seperate options in the extension setting: Clear cache and Preload cache. This should be changend to one option only; Clear and preload cache, just like in the plugin.

As a result there also seems to be a bug in the extension.

When I click “Clear cache” in the extension, then it activates the new “Clear and preload cache” in the WP-Rocket plugin.
When I click “Preload cache” in the extension I get an error message "Missing classes: \WP_Rocket\Preload\Full_Process

So in short: the extension needs to be updated with the new WP-Rocket plugin setting that is clear and preload the cache with one clik.

Are you aware of this issues and wil there be an update for this extension soon?

Thanks al lot!

Best Wishes,

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Hey @Alwin

Thanks for reporting this. I was able to reproduce the issue and passed it along to the development team.

They are working on a new version of the extension, but we don’t have a time frame at this moment.

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