WP-Rocket extension still not working!

Please take a look at this topic I started 6 months ago…

Bogdan told me the devs from mainWP would look at this issue, however this issue is still here today!

I updated WordPress to the latest version today and after that I had to go to the Admin for all my connected websites to clear and preload the cache.

The only thing the MainWP extension does is clearing the cache, preloading is still not working at all.

Bogdan; did your devs take a look at this issue? can you please give me an update? This bug costs me a lot of extra time when updating my websites.

Hi Alwin,

My apologies for the inconvenience. They did check this and they failed to duplicate the problem.
Please open a helpdesk ticket so I can assign it to them and have them look into this.

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