WP Staging Pro required but not mentioned

Would it maybe be an idea to point out that the staging feature requires a WP Staging Pro license?

Unless I’ve missed that, it’s not listed as a requirement anywhere, which I found out the hard way after installing it on all child sites only to get an error when I tried using it.
This article: Install and Set the MainWP Staging Extension - MainWP Documentation would be good place to prominently add that requirement.

Sames goes for the Time Capsule addon, btw.

The extension works fine with the free version of WP Staging as well, just like it’s mentioned in that article. You only need a Pro license for every site that needs the Pro functionality. But that’s not a requirement for the MainWP extension.

MainWP Extensions don’t offer the plugin functionality. They only connect these plugins with your MainWP dashboard, so you can manage the functionality for these sites.


Thanks, but upon triggering the Create Staging Site button I received a red error message telling me that WP Staging PRO was required.

Can you share a screenshot of that action and message? Which steps did you take? And is the WP Staging plugin installed on the client site?

I’ve figured it out. The “Important Note” regarding Sync Child Sites after installing the plugin is right at the very bottom of this step-by-step guide, even though it should actually be part of the steps. I noticed that by coincidence. If all steps are followed in order and the “staging” is being triggered from within MainWP, this error comes up

It contains the misleading “Pro” reference, which got me confused.

If you install the plugin via MainWP Dashboard, I don’t think you need to sync the child site. Otherwise you do, but that’s why it’s mentioned directly below the installation instruction.

The message says “(Pro)” so it’s optional.

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I guess having posted this in the UX category of the forum and the fact that I (despite virtually living in various SAAS type environments) didn’t find this process particularly intuitive, might justify a few tweaks on your side to make this a little clearer. The brackets = optional and the potentially but maybe not required Sync are easy to fix in the context.

I’m just a MainWP user like you, so I can’t change it. I’l leave that to MainWP support.

In my experience I see parentheses being used in lots of places like it was used here, so for me it was immediately clear what was meant. And if you are so keen on UX, you should also have given some more specific details in your question… :wink: And sometimes UX isn’t the issue, but users who stop reading before the end, because they don’t follow instructions, but think they are already done with the job. :see_no_evil:

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Ooouch. Ok. My apologies. You sounded like you were one of the developers.

I appreciate your opinion. In my experience, if a Pro version is not required, it’s not mentioned.

As for the step-by step instructions, you’re right. But in this instance, I read the steps in order and follow each one. If in-between steps are left out and added at the very end, however, it’s counter-intuitive.

The message doesn’t say that it’s required, but that WP Staging (Pro) = WP Staging or WP Staging Pro is not installed or activated.
The fact that the last step in the process is at the end of the instruction, should be fine in my opinion. It’s not left out and moved to the end. But let’s agree to disagree on this point. :wink:

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