WP Vivid Backups in Client Reports

Hi, Just bought the lifetime freelancer package for WP Vivid backup. (Moving away from Duplicator Pro)
As this is featured on MainWP I thought it would integrate with Client Reports.
As I want to send my clients detailed reports to show them what the maintenance they pay for is about backups is a really important topic in the report.
But unfortunately I cannot include these. Are there any plans to make this available? Otherwise I’ll need to request a refund for WP Vivid and get another Backup plugin

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Hi @Xtofke,

The WPvivid team made required updates for support for Reporting systems. This is currently under our review and it is expected that this update gets released in our next MainWP Child and MainWP Child Reports update.

As soon as the release is ready, we will get it out.


I also just received confirmation from the WP Vivid team this would become available.
Too bad they also already refunded my purchase without letting me know this first. I could have waited for a couple of weeks. Now I will need to look for a different backup plugin.

Any suggestions from the community on a plugin that works fine with MainWP and Child Reports?
Not BackupBuddy. I’ve used it and it’s working fine but I don’t like how iThemes pricing policy with regards to renewals.

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WPVivid is a very helpful and response support team maybe if you could ask them, and they might fix your account? They never disappointed me with their on-time help and support.

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