WPVivid Backup - client reports

Will WP Vivid be integrated into the client reports in the future, Including incremental backups ? I’d love to start moving some sites over from Updraft but the reports aspect is putting me off.


@bogdan do we need @Nicholas or his team to add anything into their Extension before we can include it in Reports?

Yes, the support needs to built on the extension side so the WPVivi backup system can be set as primary in the MainWP Dashboard and on the Child Reprots side, they should make pull request and add the WPVivid backups to the system.


Hi Dave, we plan to support MainWP client report. However, we are working on high priority features at this moment.

(MAINWP STAFF UPDATE) Collected from FB MAINWP USER GROUP on Monday April 6th 2020 11:45pm

Cim Medriano WPVivid says they’re working on it and should be available in the next few releases.

Keith Crain > Cim Medriano Sweet! Thank you very much for updating the thread with your findings! :slight_smile:


Marked @Nicholas reply as the current solution, I’m sure he will announce when they’ve made the pull requests for reports.


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