WPvivid Backup Plugin: 40% off coupon for MainWP users

Hi All!

To thanks for MainWP users’ continued support and trust in WPvivid backup plugin, we, WPvivid team, provide an 40% off coupon to MainWP users:

Coupon code: mainwp40

Many thanks!


I’ve been interested in WPvivid since it showed up on my radar but stayed with WP TimeCapsule. Would you please be so kind as to write up a comparison sheet?

Just purchased. Looking forward to using it and seeing it evolve. I’d love to see Wasabi integrated at some point.
I have been using WP Time Capsule but found on very large website it simply fails.

Thanks for your purchase. We decided Wasabi integration in upcoming pro version. Stay tuned.

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I recommend you to see our feature list instead of a comparison sheet with other plugins:

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I’ve just updated the dashboard plugin and noticed Wasabi is already there. That’s amazing.
I’m just having trouble with the install and claim WP vivid backup pro option. I’ve entered the email and password in the dashboard login section then went back to do the install and claim WP vivid backup pro option but it never seems to successfully login. It seems as though it gets stuck on that final step.
I tried 10 sites at first then reduced it to 1 when 10 didn’t work, but even 1 isn’t signing in.
Any thoughts?

Hi John,

Apologize for inconvinience.

Could you provide us with temp admin accounts of your dashboard site & child site with the issue and login URLs via support email (pro.support[a]wpvivid[dot]com)? We will troubleshoot the problem.

BTW, you can ask for a help via ticket submission and support email, so that we can reply you in time.

Thanks Nicholas. I just opened a ticket

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