WPVivid Extension Missing: Pro Reports and Auto Backup before Updating

The WPVivid Extension seems to be going backwards in features.

Backups still are missing from Pro Reports after an update in April and Auto Backups still doesn’t work.

I have complained about this before when the issue first started to happen about the reports:

and others have about auto backing up before an update (WHICH IS A VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE!!!)

One of the main reasons I choose MainWP is because of the WPVivid extension which I am not sure why I have it installed anymore as it doesn’t provide the 2 things I really want from it.

I have asked WPVivid several times in the past to fix these issues and they said they would eventually…

I realize this is not fully the responsibility of MainWP but I feel they should be applying some pressure to WPVivid to actually fully support the product. Especially when it comes to an IMPORTANT FEATURE like AUTO BACKUPS BEFORE AN UPDATE. Missing this feature means for a lot of my updates I end up going to the actual site and performing the update there since the autobackup will kick in then. This is such a time waster when MainWP and its extensions is supposed to do all this.

I feel if a third party extension is missing a major feature then it should be included in the description of the extension with a red warning flag that it is not feature complete. This would also serve as added incentive to the plugin developer to update their plugin.


Hey @eSIlverStrike

We understand that they are working on some updates for the extension right now, and we will bring this info to their attention once more.
However, as you know we are not the developers of the extension, so we cannot give you a time frame for the release.

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Thanks for giving them another push and the plugin has had a few updates over the last month or so but these features are still missing. Hopefully soon then.

I realize you guys have no control over the team at WPVivid and only so much can be done but maybe the extensions should be required to list any missing features (especially one as obvious and expected as auto backups on plugin updates). That may motivate the WPVivid team to include these features quickly so the extension is not flagged by MainWP.

Maybe the MainWP dashboard could even check for the required API calls in the extension so when I have the setting

  • Select primary backup system

set to WPVivid

and I have all the following settings set:

  • Require a backup before an update

  • Days without of a full backup tolerance

a warning would be displayed that the backup extension I have selected doesn’t appear to support these features. Right now for those that use the WPVivid extension it gives users a false sense of security that backups are being done when none are.

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No problem, and hopefully, it does get updated soon. We appreciate your patience and your bringing this to our attention.

A feature may be in development or temporarily not functioning properly - which is the case for all software, but that doesn’t mean that it’s abandoned or that the developer does not care.
Compounding that with the fact that the extension is free and that all 3rd party developers have been acting responsibly in the vast majority of cases, we’d rather not impose a requirement for the extension authors to list missing or non-functional features at this moment.

As for the MainWP Dashboard API checks - not all 3rd party extensions use MainWP REST API, and the Dashboard technically can’t know if a plugin or an extension is or is not using a particular hook.

Last I heard, WP-Vivid was going to revamp the extension this summer.
I just pinged them again to get an updated sttatus.


Thanks for the info. Let us know what they say since summer is almost over.

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I just received this from them:

"For the feature of ‘auto backup before plugin updates via MainWP’, perfect timing since we have just released a new version of the extension where we had integrated all WPvivid settings and cloud storage, now we are working with MainWP team(the implementation will require hooks on the WPvivid and MainWP) and are trying to implement this feature in a few weeks.

For the updated version of the MainWP extension, we have recently released a new major version of the WPvivid for MainWP extenstion - 0.9.27, where we have added all WPvivid pro settings to the extension and fixed some compatibility issues with MainWP plugin. Please update the plugin and check it out."


+1 the auto-backup on update is so essential ! I can’t imagine working efficiently without it. This is why I update all websites one by one and quit all centralised platforms as MainWP.
Flushing cache is somehow also near as important, especially page cache…). Including this for all major caching solutions should be a core mission.


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