WPVivid Extension Still Missing in Pro Reports and Auto Backup before Updating

I’ve explained everything here already a few months ago:


and I still do not have Backups being reported in the Pro Reports even though I have all the fields setup properly.

It is reported in the changelog (2 versions ago) that client reports support has been added to the extension.


  • Added support for MainWP client reports.

I do see in the MainWP Dashboard and the WPVivid extension that I can click on “Reports” for the client site and see a list of the 10 backups but in my monthly Pro Reports pdf nothing is reported for backups.

Does anyone actually have WPVivid reporting backups for clients sites in Pro Reports?

Does anyone have any word about when Auto Backup before updating plugins through MainWP will be fixed for the WPVivid extension?



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@Gary_Petro do you have any updates since your last one from WPvivid?

Have you got the Pro Reports to actually display WPVivid backup information?

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@bojan Okay I found the issue and it is a bug. Most users are probably affected.

The pro reports templates check to see if the WPVivid extension is installed by checking


This use to work in previous versions of the WPvivid extension but now I see the extension directory and file name has changed to


Updating the PHP code in the report templates with the new names fixed the issue. (all 3 report templates have the same issue)

I am not sure why the original name was changed as that is the same naming convention as all the other extensions. You should probably talk with WPvivid to see if they will change the name back so it is consistent with the other extensions. If not MainWP will need to update their report templates.

I did reach out to WPvivid as well and reported my findings.

I also asked about the automatic backups and this is what they said:

The auto backup before update option is in our to-do list, some work needs to be done on both WPvivid and MainWP side, we are still waiting for feedback from MainWP team at the moment.

So can someone from the MainWP team please coordinate things with WPvivid so everyone is on the same page and they have the feedback needed to finish their work.


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Hey @eSIlverStrike

Thank you for reporting this to us and for your investigative efforts.

The development team will check it out and update this thread when they have more information.

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