WPvivid extensions - on which site are Settings, Remote, etc applied? Those supposed to be individual settings

Hi there,

I am using WPvivid and the MainWP extension for WPvivid.

On the dashboard, I get an overview of all sites and can trigger a backup manually for each site.

But what about those other tabs? Schedule, Remote, Settings, etc.
Those are individually to set up for each site. But here it looks like “global settings”

I am afraid to even touch something here, as it does not make sense to me, and I don’t want that a setting suddenly gets applied/overwritten on every single site that I run MainWP on.

best regards

Hi @markus998

WPvivid is a 3rd party extension which means that it was created and supported by the Wpvivid team.

Please try contacting their support regarding your issue.

Understood. Thanks for pointing that out.

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