Yoast SEO 14.0.X Release Issues

Yoast SEO 14.0 version was released this week but had a number of issues due to how the new indexable database tables were built and how to would query the data.

The issue are fixed in version 14.0.4 and if you have over 10,000 posts that need to be migrated over to the new indexable database table then use the WP-CLI command that is provided.

WP-CLI command to run would be

wp yoast index

Sebastian, is there evidence that the issues are really fixed with 14.0.4?

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Not sure I would check the support thread on WordPress.org.
[Yoast SEO] Support | WordPress.org

Maybe not based on.

thanks, this is not reassuring at all.

I like Ran Math a million times better than yoast and their bloated interface. Sorry if this does not belong here, could not hold back.

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Rank Math and SEO Framework are both solid options.

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I would rollback to version 13.5 till all of the bugs have been worked out.

Also looks like version 14.04 of Yoast SEO has issues with WooCommerce.

New Yoast SEO update totally smashed my wife’s site with 400 internal errors on all the pages, we had to roll back the site - thx God we had new WP Reset plugin’s database snapshots (si we did it within seconds) & we had the latest All in one WP Migration backup - just in case.

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