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Hi there,

I have the Wordpress SEO extension installed, and Yoast SEO installed on both the MainWP dashboard site and the child sites.

When creating a new bulk post in MainWP I have access to the Yoast metabox, which is great. In the Yoast metabox I add a canonical link under the advanced tab, complete the rest of the post and publish.

When I check the Yoast settings in the newly created post on one of the child sites I see that the canonical link has not been populated.

Is this Yoast extension expected to populate Yoast settings on bulk post creation? If so is there a setting somewhere that enables this?

Thanks for your help.


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Hi @responsive

Thanks for reaching out and reporting this.

We are aware of the issue with the inability to set the Canonical URL.

We will be addressing the issue in the next release of the extension. However, we don’t have an exact ETA at this moment.

Ok, thanks for your response @bojan .

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