Your clients backup-files

Hi guys

How to you manage all your clients backup-files? Any ideas how to store clients backup-files externaly a secure way? A dedicated ftp account for each of them or is there a better way?

Regards Ken

Hi @Kennet,
We are using Amazon S3 for external backup, reliable and you can choose where to store the data like in our case we have buckets for US and Canadian clients.
We are using Updraftplus to push incremental backups.

I’m testing several options for a 5 days and landed on updraftplus free version + S3 Generic remote storage, i’m doing manually backup on demand with 2 last backup saved, so updraftplus free version are enough. As for S3 Generic cost efficient remote storage, you can find alot of S3 Generic services out there (S3 Generic services can be called as Object Storage) from started plan 250GB storage with 500GB - 1TB bandwidth around 5$ to 7,5$ per month.

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