2 porblems with sending Pro Reports

Today I planned to mail the Pro Reports to my clients for the first time.

However, I am running into 2 problems:

1 - The recipient’s mailbox displays the URL of my MainWP dashboard site. See my screenshot and the listed Cloudways URL above the mail. How can I prevent this from happening?

2 - In some mail clients the padding in the design of the email message doesn’t seem to work, because the tesk doesn’t have any white space around it. By the way, this works fine in my own Google Workspace Gmail accounts. See screenshot.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

Hi Alwin,
Can you tell me do you use custom email template?

Hello Bogdan,

I solved the first problem with the URL showing up at the top of the mail. It seems that the site tittle is displayed in that line, and after deleting the site tittle in WordPress it is now just an empty space :slight_smile:

Yes, I do use a custom email template, but the only thing I have changed in that template is the size of the logo.
Also, when I sent the Report with the default templates I get the same problem in some email clients; no white space (padding) around the text. Does not look nice!

Hi Alwin,

can you tell me which email clients don’t render the email correctly?
This seems like an email client issue, but I want to run some tests and see if there is anything on our side that can be done to prevent this behavior.

Hello Bogdan,

I did some more testing and think the problem only occurs with the webmail of the German email provider Posteo.

Posteo uses Roundcube webmail, and I had selected a theme designed by Posteo itself based on the standard Roundcube theme. So then I see this “problem” with the design.

However, when I choose the classic Roundcube default theme then the display of the MainWP email is correct again.

I also did some testing in the desktop email clients Thunderbird and EMclient. No problem there either.

So probably a specific Posteo problem, and therefore not important I think.


Hi Alwin,

thanks for letting us know where the problem is.

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