4.3 Uptime Monitoring emails to client

I may have setup something incorrectly with the new CRM built into v4.3 - but I do not want Uptime Monitoring emails being sent to my clients.

They won’t know what to do about such… PLUS there are links in the email that won’t work for my clients since they don’t have access to my MainWP dashboard.

How do I disable my clients from getting this email?

@RonTheWebGuy Yeah that doesn’t sound right to me either. The MainWP UTR extension settings should be set to your your email address here like in the screen shot below.

I have alerted our Dev Team about this so it may be check out further & see if there is a conflict between “Default” Email addresses.

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@RonTheWebGuy Can you try clicking here & on the modal window that pops up, check what alert contacts are checked?

I noticed that the second email address is not appearing as it should ( I have reported this as well ) but if it’s checked uncheck it - this should stop the emails being sent to the Client’s email I believe.

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Hi Keith - on the domains that I have advanced uptime monitoring setup for, my email is checked. Clients email is not even an option.

What’s odd is: the domain that got the email about Uptime Monitoring doesn’t have a monitor setup.

The link in the email goes here: MyDomain.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=MonitoringSites - that is different than MyDomain.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=Extensions-Advanced-Uptime-Monitor-Extension

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Hey @RonTheWebGuy

The solution @kwcjr provided refers to the AUM extension, but if you are using the Basic Uptime Monitoring system, you can remove the Client’s email from the recipients or even edit the email template to remove the those links.

The Basic Uptime Monitoring feature can be turned on/off on MainWP Dashboard > Settings page, and the recipients can be configured on the MainWP Dashboard > Settings > Email Settings page.

On the same MainWP Dashboard > Settings > Email Settings page, you can find instructions on how to edit the email template, so if you wish to continue sending these emails to clients, you can remove those two links you pointed out from the email.

Please keep in mind that Child Sites can have their own individual settings for Basic Uptime Monitoring emails, so please verify that they are not overriding the global Basic Uptime Monitoring settings.

Here’s the link to our help article that covers Basic Uptime Monitoring in more detail: Sites Monitoring - MainWP Documentation


@RonTheWebGuy My apologies I was indeed referring to AUM not the Basic Uptime Monitor. Please follow @bojan recommendations to see if you are able to shut those.


@kwcjr - no worries. I learned a lot from this email thread. All good. :slight_smile:

@bojan - Thanks for the excellent information. I have disabled the basic uptime monitoring for now. When I get more time, I will dig into the documentation you noted above.


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