404 Alert issues

I get tons of 404 alerts from my sites. Basically I know what it stands for
but this one is a puzzle for me and I need suggestions and help.
Site is reported clean and I did a manual scan over SSH and using
Anti-Malware from GOTMLS.NET and no threads found
but this is going on and on :
404 alert
TIME: February 19th 2020, 04:18pm
*404: https://app.boostbiomarket.com/collections/pasta-rice/
SITE: https://bbtextile.hr/
REFERRER: undefined

Found out that other sites are also generating tons of 404 errors any suggestion on how to
solve this issue - some are valid 404 errors and I managed to solve these but these like one above
I have no clue how to deal with this one - help please :slight_smile:

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Hey @darknova,

This is technically a “General Website Question” and not MainWP related, however, I’m going to answer it anyways because I think MainWP can help the situation.

With that said, as you stated you know what a 404 means, for others that may not know, that error is thrown when a URL is not reachable and or not found. If you visit that link ( which I am going to take a wild guess isn’t one of yours or your clients ) you will see that the SSL is broken hence the reasoning for the 404.

It’s great that you scaned for viruses, however, I think this is a comment spam thing. Someone has injected that link into a comment on that site somewhere; In turn causing you to recieve those 404 errors when your traffic hits that link.

My suggestion is to do some thorough comment maintenance on your Child Site.

Here is some information on that topic:


Thanks, read all the articles from the links and they have helped but the problem or issue is that
on that site I have no comments nor a page containing that link:
and I dont know how to find it :frowning:

@darknova Looks like you need to dig a bit deeper then. Try this tool out. It may tell you what page that URL is hiding.

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Now I’m even more puzzled :slight_smile:
I have scanned the site found 4 - 404 errors and fixed them

but this notification from 404 Email Alerts ( from Maintenance extension )
just keep on comming (the one above is still comming) and more of 404 errors
for example like this one:

Hello MainWP User!

404 alert

TIME: February 20th 2020, 02:00pm

*404: https://bbtextile.hr/404testpage4525d2fdc

SITE: https://bbtextile.hr/

REFERRER: https://sucuri.net




USER AGENT: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko



Hi Darko,

let me try to help here.

The 404 Monitor feature that is a part of the MainWP Maintenance Extension is not for detecting links that lead to 404 page on your site. It is a feature that is designed to alter you if someone attempts to reach non-existing page. For example, you have site domain.com and /help/ page on it, so the correct URL to see the /help/ page is Domain.com Knowledgebase | Domain.com, but if I try to reach domain.com/helpp/ you will get this notification. The idea was to enable users to detect common mistakes and errors that visitors make so site owners can set redirects.

But the problem starts with tons of crawlers and order bots that crawl sites every day and generate a lots of false alerts so this feature is basically becoming useless and we are thinking about removing it.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: now you talking :slight_smile: well I se a use for it if you know your under hacker attack
or better to say hackers script - then you’ll be able to isolate the url the script is
using to test vulnerabilities and create a honeypot with wordfense …



That is a nice way to look at it :slight_smile:

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