Abandoned plugin count keeps resetting

I read this post about abandoned plugins: Abandoned plugins not detected - #12 by bogdan

It seems like I can only see them (or most of them) when I do a manual check.

January 28 on load/sync child sites (1 abandoned plugin):

January 28 after specifically checking for abandoned plugins (17 abandoned plugins):

Today, January 31 on load/sync child sites (1 abandoned plugin again):

I forgot to check which plugin was the one listed on the 28th, so I’m not sure if it’s the same one that’s listed today.

Is there anything coming that will check abandoned plugins/themes each time I sync my sites or do I always have to check manually? Thank you!

Hi Rene,

just to be 100% sure, can you please confirm that you haven’t changed the Abandoned Plugins/Themes Tolerance setting in the MainWP > Settings, and can you please check if you Ignored some abandoned in the meantime?

I haven’t changed the tolerance. It’s set at 365.

And I haven’t ignored any abandoned plugins.

Thanks for confirming that.
I have set my dashboard to try to duplicate this problem. I will update this topic as soon as I have more details.

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Just some additional information.

Jan 31 after checking for abandoned plugins again (17):

I logged in and out and did a sync multiple times, trying to see if it would reset, but it didn’t.

Feb 1 (still 17):

But when I logged in again this morning, but was back to 1. Feb 2 (1):

This is a list of the abandoned plugins when it showed 17:

And when it showed 1 again, it’s Embedly:

I thought maybe it was because it was updated SO long ago (1314 days), but Force Regenerate Thumbnails was updated 1973 days ago, so it must not be that.

I also don’t see any connection or difference between the site that shows the 1 abandoned plugin and the other sites. Several are on the same host.

Hi Rene,

thanks for the additional information.

I have been monitoring my dashboard and I couldn’t duplicate this behavior.

But it crossed my mind that if some of your child sites drop the connection and get reconnected again, the abandoned items data could be removed when the connection drops and it requires a new sync before it shows again.

Have you noticed that some of your sites get disconnected?

Nothing has disconnected in the past few weeks. I should mention that I have closed the browser tab overnight, so I’m not sure if that has something to do with it?

Hi Rene,

Closing the browser tab should not affect any data in MainWP.

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

Yes, I just put in a help desk ticket. Thank you!

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Just to give an update on this issue - it has been fixed in the MainWP version 4.2.4.