Add Local Live Link Enables Sites to MainWP

Not sure if this is possible but some of my staging sites sit locally and I would like to have them on the same dashboard as the remote sites. I know you can’t add the localhost versions but I wanted to know if you enabled the Live Link (I use Local) should this work?

Currently it doesnt work for me but not sure if this is me

Hi @jenefer

I was able to add a Live Link site (hosted locally using Local) to my MainWP Dashboard (on a webhost).

I noticed that Live Link uses HTTP Basic Auth by default, so make sure to fill that info in when adding a child site to the Dashboard. It’s under Optional Settings.

If it still doesn’t work, it could be that the server where Local hosts their Live Link sites is rejecting the connection from your Dashboard for some other reason.
I am not sure how receptive Local would be regarding your queries into this, but the host where your MainWP Dashboard is located might run a tracert towards the Live Link URL of your child site to see where exactly the connection is breaking.

Thanks I’ve raised this with Local. If I get a response I will post here for future reference

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