"Add this site" security warning keeps appearing on a connected site

On only one of the nearly 50 sites I have connected to MainWP, www.estatetreeservice.com, I keep getting this warning:

"Attention: Please add this site to your MainWP Dashboard NOW or deactivate the MainWP Child plugin until you are ready to connect this site to your Dashboard in order to avoid unexpected security issues."

However, when I go to the MainWP Dashboard, the site shows as connected. I have removed and reinstalled the Child Plugin multiple times and reconnected each time, without success.

This morning when I logged in, it showed in the WP Admin Dashboard that there were 10 updates pending, although the MainWP Dashboard said only two were pending. When I clicked on the Updates in WP, that number dropped 0, even though I did not click update in either dashboard.

How can I fix this? Is it a caching issue? It is recurring concern and annoyance.

Thank you.

Hi Armando,

It could be a caching problem, it might be good to try to temporarily deactivate all caching and non-essential plugins on the child site and resync it with your dashboard.

Let us know how that goes.

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