Added a site - sucessfully - but not in list

The site Ive just re-added says successful but is not in my list (40 other sites linked)
The child link definitely activated in plugins.

The problem may be because Im having trouble logging into this wordpress site at the moment, its on a loop back to the login.

Yesterday I could log in only with mainWP but I had to deactivate plugins to try and fix the login problem so I had to reactivate the child mainwp in the site - and re-add to the main list. It accepted the add new but is nowhere to be found in the list.
now I cannot get in to my backend at all.

Any help would be soooo appreciated, spent hours already and getting nowhere :frowning:

Hi @Angie

Welcome to the MainWP community.

After you reactivated the MainWP Child plugin, did you try reconnecting the existing entry for that child site on the MainWP Dashboard? Did you remove the old entry prior to adding the child site again?

In any case, if the child site is experiencing a problem of such magnitude that you cannot log in to its WP Admin, then it’s probably a good idea to sort that out first.

We can’t be sure how that problem may be affecting MainWP functionality.

Perhaps try deactivating all plugins again and try activating them one by one until you find a culprit.
And you may also try activating the MainWP Child plugin first and then adding the site to the Dashboard again, or simply reconnecting the existing entry on the Dashboard if you haven’t deleted it.

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