Adding a tag to selected sites having a plugin or theme installed

I’ve tried to get an answer to this question: Which sites are running theme Avada and plugin WooCommerce on my own server (having a specific tag)?

So I started on the Themes page and selected the tag, searched for Avada (active&inactive) and got the list. I selected the checkbox for the Avada theme and wanted to create a tag with the sites in this result. So I pressed the button to create a tag and entered a name. Result: none of the selected sites were added to that tag.

Second test was based on selecting all sites (instead of a tag). When I created a tag based on the selected results, it added all sites (not just the selection results), so that didn’t work either.

Creating a tag doesn’t seem to look at the selection result, so it’s quite useless in these screens as this would otherwise be handled on the Sites screen. But I do remember something it was added in the plugins/themes screens for this purpose.

I’m using the latest version of MainWP

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Hey @josklever

When you click on the tag icon in the sidebar, it takes into account which sites are selected in the sidebar. Not which sites may be selected in the table on the left.

So, in your scenario, after you search for Avada on the Themes page across all sites that have a specific tag, you would have to select them in the table on the left.
Then click Install to Selected Site(s) button. This will lead you to the Install page where the desired sites will be pre-selected in the sidebar and you can then create the desired tag.

You can see this in action in our Tags video at 2m:27s.

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Ah, I missed that extra step and see that this step isn’t available on the Themes page, only on the Plugins page. So that explains why I missed it. Can it be added there as well?

I’ve looked into this a bit more now, and there seems to be a usability issue when you’re searching for active themes.

When you search for Inactive themes, and you select a site in the table, the button appears:

But Active themes have a Lock, preventing you from making changes to them. This lock also prevents the selection of that theme, and because of that, the button doesn’t appear.

We will be improving this process in the next version of the Dashboard so the buttons will be available even when searching for Active themes.


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