Adding clients to dashboard

I am a ManageWP user, testing out MainWP as looking to switch.

I have searched the mainWP dashboard top to bottom, but I cannot see how to create clients and assign sites to them.
I just do not have any option anywhere to create clients.
I assume it must be possible to do this, otherwise, how would I send monthly reports to them.

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Hi Russ and welcome!

I think client fields are only available when you install the MainWP Pro Reports extension: WordPress Custom Reports for MainWP Website Management

After instelling the extension extra client field will be visible when you go to Sites > Manage Sites > > Edit

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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Hey @Russ_Michaels , welcome to the community.

Rick is correct. After you install an extension for sending out reports to clients called “Pro Reports”, you will get additional fields in the settings of child sites.

You can then use these tokens, in this example [] when sending out the reports.

Here’s an overview of the Pro Reports extension: Pro Reports extension overview - MainWP Documentation

To add a bit more information about this.

MainWP handles clients and associated child sites a bit differently than ManageWP.
MainWP doesn’t have a dedicated category for Clients, and since the Client information is used only for sending reports, we have tied that information with our Pro Reports extension.

After you add Child Sites to the Dashboard, and install Pro Reports extension, you will see new fields on MainWP Dashboard > Sites > > Edit page under the Pro Report Tokens category.

There, you can fill in the desired client information, and use those tokens when sending out emails. See more here: Pro Reports extension overview - MainWP Documentation

However, if such granularity is not necessary, you can simply group Child Sites according to which client they belong. More about site groups: Manage Child Site Groups - MainWP Documentation

Then when sending out reports, instead of using the Pro Report tokens like [], simply select a Group and type in the email address of that client.

I have also now discovered that there is also a mainwp reports child plugin that has to be installed in all sites as well and then I have to resync everything after installing it.

I did not find this mentioned anywhere in the docs, nor the fact that I needed to have the free plugin installed first, nor the fact that the free reports plugin can only be downloaded from and not your website, where all the other plugins are, including the free ones.

It seems the docs leave a lot to be desired so far.

I’m sorry you are having a somewhat difficult time setting Pro Reports up, but that information is already in help documents. Please take a look at the chapter Get Started with MainWP Pro Reports Extension

There was already a link to the MainWP Child Reports on the repository, but I’ve since then added a clarifying sentence regarding that.

Perhaps some confusion may have arisen due to the fact that MainWP Child Reports is not considered an extension but a plugin, and as such, it is not distributed through our Extension system.

Other such plugins that are only distributed through are MainWP Child, MainWP Dashboard, and MainWP Key Maker.

there seems to be multiple docs/helpfiles for this, as I was reading something else originally

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