Adding custom work to client reports with tokens

Hello! I would like to add custom work to client reports. I have been informed this can be done with tokens, either existing or custom, but I am not sure how to do this. Is there a help doc anywhere on this, or a fairly easy explanation?


Hey @jsharkey

You can find a full list of Pro Reports tokens in this KB:

And more information about Tokens and their use under the “Create Custom Report Templates” section of this KB:

More information about creating custom tokens can be found in this post: [Extension Request] Clients Reports and Pro Client Reports: Report Tokens for iThemes Security

The example given there was for the custom iThemes Security token, but the same logic applies to data from other plugins.

Thanks, Bojan. I had already read these resources in detail and don’t see how they can help me add custom work notes to my report. Are there any support docs or examples on doing this specifically? It is a common feature on ManageWP and MainWP so would think there would be.

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Can you explain this in more detail, please?

Are these notes supposed to be Client-specific or Site-specific?

And where would you like to insert these notes? In the email body or in the PDF itself?

If you have any examples, please feel free to share screenshots with us.

For example, if the Notes are supposed to be Client-specific, you could use the existing “Client notes” token:

The data for this token is entered on the Edit page of a Client and inserted into the reports using the [client.note] token.

Thanks, Bojan. That may work. Would it be possible to put it in it’s own section?

IN ManageWP for instance, there is a Custom Work section in the report that allows you to add custom notes. Here is the example: Add Custom Work Notes to your Client Reports - ManageWP

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MainWP doesn’t have a direct equivalent to that.

The closest would be the “Client notes” as mentioned before.

It would be possible to do that.
However, you would have to make your own custom report as described in this KB: Pro Reports extension overview - MainWP Documentation

Keep in mind that the Client notes field accepts only plain text, so there are certain limitations regarding how pretty you can make this look in the custom report.

Thanks again for your fast reply, Bojan! Really appreciate it. So, if I put the custom work in the intro section, would that allow for more formatting options?

Unfortunately, the formatting of the actual data you enter into the [client.note] field will always be plaintext.

You are free to nicely format everything outside that text, just not the actual [client.note] data.

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