Adding Website to Client

Is it possible to add a website for a client that does not currently have the MainWP Child plugin? I’ve got a client that we’re working with that currently doesnt have a website (it’s being worked on). I’d like to add tags to this clients account but it would appear that you can only add tags to an account that has a website linked to it.

Is it possible to just add a dummy website in the interim? If not, is there any way to add tags to a client that dont currently have a website?


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Hey @EnergizerBattery

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It is not possible to add a site that does not have the MainWP Child plugin installed. The plugin is a requirement to establish communication with the site.

Right now, Clients cannot be tagged; only sites can.

Sure, you can add a dummy site, but I am not sure how useful it will be for you because you will not be able to just put a new website in its place and retain the tags or any other information you may add to the dummy.

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