Advanced Uptime Monitor - Unable to add monitors (uptimerobot)

I have installed and activated Advanced Uptime Monitor. Then added my uptimerobot api-key.
I had three old monitors. They all show up fine.
But i am unable to bulk-add all my sites. I just get an exclamation-mark (!) for each site.

I have read other topics about this. So i have tried re-saving my uptime-robot settings. That kind of worked. Two sites got added then. But still 40 ish missing. So i have tried re-saving countless times now, but no more progress.
I have also tried to disable an re-enable the plugin. But no luck.
I’m using Brave browser. I have switched to Firefox and tried that but no luck. Even tried Chrome but no luck.
Im using the latest version of mainwp, mainwp child and advanced-uptime monitor.

Also, on settings page, default alert contact is: “No items found! Make sure to submit your Uptime Robot API key first.”. Sometimes it shows up correctly, but mostly its not there.

This extension does not feel that great… :frowning:
Seems like im not the only one experiencing such issues.

Hi @erkdahl

Welcome to the MainWP community.

Do you perhaps use the free plan of Uptime Robot?

Yes that is correct.

In that case, it would appear that you are being rate limited by Uptime Robot API. Uptime Robot has recently reduced the limit to only 10 requests per minute. And requests include not only creating new monitors but also fetching information about existing monitors.

So reaching the limit is quite easy. And the fact that you are able to create monitors for a couple of sites when you click the “Create Monitors for All Sites” confirms that you are API rate-limited.

And keep in mind that the free Uptime Robot can accommodate a maximum of 50 monitors.

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Ah. Yeah isnt that just typical.
So I pay $399 for a lifetime access to MainWP. Thinking I will save money instead of paying monthly to ManageWP.
Just to realize that every “pro” extension needs a paying subscription with some other plugin or service-provider.
So I need uptime-monitor at $29 a month.
Then i need updraftplus at $195 a year.
Then i need to pay for external storage.
The vulnerability scanner is useless unless you use WPScan which is so expensive that pricing isnt even printed on their page.
And so it goes…

We are quite upfront about what is and is not included in the MainWP Pro license, and it’s even one of the questions in our FAQ.

With MainWP Pro, you get access to all Extensions, all new Extensions, Extension updates, and priority support during your subscription period.

Considering the amount of extensions we provide that work with other third-party plugins, it would not be economically feasible for us to provide licenses for all those third-party plugins.

Just the yearly cost of just a couple of these third-party licenses would be greater than the lifetime cost of MainWP.

However, most of our extensions can work with the free version of the corresponding plugin, so there don’t have to be additional costs.

And additionally, the majority of the MainWP Extensions are stand-alone solutions, so there are no additional plugins or costs required.

Vulnerability Checker also provides NVD API which is a free API provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the U.S. Department of Commerce.

@ erkdahl MainWP has it’s own built-in Basic Uptime Monitoring that is built right in that does a decent job with monitoring sites: Sites Monitoring - MainWP Documentation I would personally only suggest using Advanced Uptime Monitor if you need advanced features and are willing to pay for an UptimeRobot plan. The Advanced Uptime Robot extension used to work much better before UptimeRobot started really cracking down on what they allowed users to do with their free plan. It’s sad but I suppose they had to make money somehow. It’s nice that MainWP developed a fallback option for us by adding their own built-in Basic Uptime Monitoring directly in the plugin without requiring a third-party service.

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@bojan I would highly suggest that MainWP update their Advanced Uptime Monitoring documentation and error messaging for better awareness now that UptimeRobot has really started cracking down on limitations of their free plans. It is very frustrating to try to use this extension with a free plan and I don’t feel that MainWP has really outlined these limitations very clearly. Instead there are just timeouts and weirdness. This causes users to blame MainWP instead of UptimeRobot.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will be updating our documentation promptly.

And we will also be adding a notification when the API request limit is hit to clarify what the issue is. As you pointed out, currently, it may appear as if the problem lies with the extension.

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@abundantdesigns Thanks for pointing out that there is also a Basic uptime monitor. I did not know that. I will look into it.

And @bojan , sorry for my frustrations. There is ofcourse a lot of good stuff to MainWP.
But I do feel you should more clearly mark the extensions that require a paid subscription to an external party.

My first 3 extensions all failed to live up to my expectations. The advanced uptime monitor is requires a paid service. But luckily there is a free basic uptime monitor. I did not know that.
The backup-extensions, yeah they are all probably good, but without a paid subscription most of them are lacking in either FTP functionality, restore-functionality, or in other ways.
The Vulnerability Checker is useless with the NVD API. I need to know which plugins are insecure in its current installed version. Keeping in mind child-sites might have different versions of paid plugins, its no use to globally ignore a vulnerability. And ignoring pr. site is just too much work. Whos got time for that?? Im trying to save time here, not use it.
So yeah. The three first are all big let-downs.
It feels odd to have to pay for an extension that just enables a third party paid extension you also have to pay for. Like Clone extension, Staging extension, and many many many of the extensions you charge for…
When i pay for an extension I expect it to actually do the dirty work. Like the Pro reports. Like the Bulk settings manager, Like the maintanence etc.
But fair play. Advanced uptime monitor, Vulnerability scanner, and most of the backup extensions are free.

So yeah, just airing my early frustrations. I might just get by with the basic monitor, and updraftplus free, pro reports and maintenance.

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