After hosting change and migration no sites are connecting

I’ve migrated a large quantity of sites from one host to a new host.
I’ve seen that this can cause connection issues due to DNS cache and have now waited for that to resolve for 4.5 days (started the move Sept 30, currently Oct 5).
The Connection TEST error/results I get is: Connection test failed.
URL: *************.com (IP: ****.151.30.196) - Received HTTP-code: 401 (Unauthorized)
(I’ve starred the domain and first bit of the IP for security purposes).
Is there anything else I can do to get these connecting again as I have tried the “normal” things like disabling/enabling the child plugin, deleting and reinstalling a new child plugin.
I’m moving from a small boutique hosting to a reseller 20i_com hosting account.

Hi @nolimit2it

Is the IP address that you get when performing the Connection Test of the old or the new host?

If it is still the old host’s IP address, you can ask your Dashboard site host provider to flush DNS cache from the server and see if that speeds up the process.

Thank you Bojan.
The IP shown in the Connection Test is the NEW hosting IP.
I’ve asked them to check and they say they don’t see the Dashboard site IP being blocked.
Could there be anything else on the new hosting that would stop/block the connection?

Can you please send me the URL of the child site in a private message so I can try performing a Connection Test as well?

Potential causes are security rules that may be present on the child site.

Do you perhaps use HTTP Basic Auth or any security plugins on the child site? If yes, can you try to temporarily disable them and see if that helps?

Do you use Cloudflare or any other cloud proxy firewall? If yes, can you try to whitelist your Dashboard IP or temporarily disable it to see if that helps?

Bojan, the hosting company says that the IP address of the MainWP Dashboard site is not found anywhere in the logs and therefore can’t WL it.
I DID find something interesting though when going through the Child Site Dashboard > Settings > MainWP > Sstem Info. ALL of the migrated sites show that they are using IP

WordPress Root Directory /home/sites/18a/c/c*****/public_html/
Server Name *****.com
Server Software Apache
Operating System Linux
Architecture 64 bit
Server IP
Server Protocol HTTP/1.1
HTTP Host *****.com
Why would that be, the none migrated sites are using the correct IP address, why is MainWP showing this Server IP?
some info has been *** for security purposes

Bojan the 20i support team is asking for this, I’ve already given them the IP for the MainWP dashboard website:

Are you able to contact MainWP to get a list of their IPs that they use for these connections? This wouldn’t be the dashboard’s connection, but rather a list of the connections they’d make to us. When searching our logs, we have a number of IPv6 connections that were used, rather than the IPv4 one listed: 2604:2dc0:100:1186::10:37028 2604:2dc0:100:1186::10:37256 2604:2dc0:100:1186::10:37256 2604:2dc0:100:1186::10:37884 2604:2dc0:100:1186::10:55990 Considering this, if we only whitelisted one, it would only allow one out of the connections here - if we can get a list of them, we should be able to look into what we can do to sort this out more generally without requiring specific changes per package.

I wasn’t sure what to give them other than that Dashboard site IP address.

There is no IP address of MainWP that’s involved in this. It’s only that of the dashboard, as it’s self hosted software and not SaaS.

So you can only check what IPv6 address your server is using.

Hi @nolimit2it

As @josklever pointed out, none of our server’s participate in any way so there no IPs of ours to share.

For some hosts, the system report will report a localhost address such as so that’s perfectly normal.

If the host of the Dashboard is indeed using IPv6, then please try reaching out to their support and have them give you the address so you can pass it along to the hosting of the child site so they can whitelist it.

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