After WP 5.5 update MainWP child plugin break WPBakery

I manage a large amount of sites and use MainWP child on all of them to manage updates. I just discovered that my sites that have updated to WP 5.5 and have both MainWP child and WPBakery plugins on them, that it breaks the WPBakery plugin page editor. Has anyone else experienced this? Will MainWP child be updated soon to fix this issue?

Hi Cindy - I am in the same boat.

Any sites running Divi throw an internal server error if MainWP Child is enabled. It doesn’t error if using the WordPress 2020 or earlier Theme.

If I deactivate MainWP, the site renders correctly. Luckily I tested it on one of my dev sites first and not all my client sites.

So if you deactivate MainWP Child everything is working fine?
Which version of WPBakery is used?

I am the Divi person - I am running the latest Divi 4.5.6. As soon as deactive MainWP child the site is fine. If it is active it throws an internal server error.

@heartcomms I don’t think it’s a good idea to have 2 issues discussed in one post, so you might want to create your own topic.


Can you confirm that you are using the latest MainWP Child and can you try to hard-refresh your browser to see if that makes any difference?

Thanks for the replies. After further investigation, it looks like thankfully, it’s only on my websites that are running the Salient theme which has it’s own special version of WPBakery that the MainWP Child Plugin is incompatible. I will talk to the theme developer of Salient and see if they can help.


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