All connected sites disappear when updating to

All sites disappear after updating to

Did a restore to export all sites. Updated again and tried to restore all sites via CSV but got an error that sites already existed but again, showing 0 sites connected.

Do I need to do something special to update to the latest version?

Please advise.

Hey @Ryan_Stocks

Did you update from 4.3 to or from the version of the MainWP Dashboard?

If you’re updating from 4.2.7.X, please follow the steps from this help document to restore the Child sites in the Manage Sites table: How to fix the empty Manage Sites table after update to version 4.3 - MainWP Documentation

And don’t worry – your sites and their data are not deleted, and only the display of said information is affected.

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I did update from

I followed the directions you posted and still not working. When I change the mainwp_db_version to 8.96 and hit save it shows that is saved but when I scroll back down to see if it saved it reverts back to the old version “8.982”.

I think the same thing is happening with the “ALTER TABLE wp_mainwp_wp ENGINE = MyISAM ;” change. When I paste the change and hit save it says it saved but when I go back to see if it changed it shows the old setting “SELECT * FROM wp_mainwp_wp WHERE 1”.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

This is expected behavior.
When you save the mainwp_db_version to 8.96, it will jump back up to the higher version because the Dashboard will increase it.

The table prefix wp_ may be different in your case, so you may need to change the command.
Also, in the video that’s embedded in the KB article, another method was used to change the table type that does not require entering any commands. Can you check if you have a similar method available in your hosting backend and try that?
Here is the direct link to the video:

My table prefix is the same so that’s not it and I am using phpMyAdmin like in the written example so I have to use the code snippet.

Could I give you access to my setup so you can see what I may be doing wrong?

Thank you for your help thus far.


Of course. Please open a private Help Desk ticket, and we will continue from there.

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