Alphabetical sorting issue in pro reports sites list

This is not a bug per se, just a quirk.

In Pro Reports, the sites will appear out of order if a site has the word “The” in the front. For example if I had a site called “The Creative Source” and another site called “Talent Pros”, then The Creative Source would appear in the list after Talent Pros, due to the “The” in there.

The problem is, in Pro Reports, the site list removes the word “The” so alphabetically I see:
Talent Pros
Creative Source

The word “The” may well be a part of the website’s true name, so we need to pick a lane here. If you’re going to strip ‘The’ off the name, then do the sort starting from “Creative” and not the hidden word ‘The’. But if you will sort using ‘The’, then don’t strip it off, so it makes sense visually and alphabetically to see it.

Instead, with 45+ sites, the list basically looks like broken sorting when it comes to the ‘T’ part of the list.


Hey @zackw

The sites are sorted by their URLs in the sidebar and not by Site Title.

However, the prefix “The” should not be visually stripped:

Are you running Dashboard v4.6.0.2 and Pro Reports v4.2?

Pro Reports 4.2.

That makes sense, cause the site I was looking at has “the” in the URL but not in my site title. So in my case, based on my list, it would make more sense to sort the list by their actual names, rather than sort by domain name but show site title which could be very different things. Site titles are not going to correspond to URLs all the time. It makes the list seem not alphabetically at all.


I can see how this would make more sense for some users.

Please feel free to make a suggestion about this on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which option our users want the most.

From what I can tell, sites are sorted by “nice name” in the Manage Sites list, but elsewhere (updates, plugins, themes, etc. pro-reports ) they are sorted by a version of the URL (with www removed if it’s there). Since the “nice name” is what is shown in all these places, not URL, it makes sense to sort by “nice name” as well.

I guess it’s not clear whether this is a bug or a feature. :slight_smile:

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It’s a UX enhancement. There is no reason in all heaven and earth we shouldn’t:

  1. Where site “pretty names” are shown in a list, use and sort by the pretty names.
  2. Where the URL is shown in the list (domain, SSL manager), sort by the URL.

Thanks for your input @kgourlay and @zackw .

We will be changing sorting in the sidebar.

As you pointed out, if the sites are displayed by their “Site title” (pretty name) in the sidebar, it makes more sense to sort them by that.

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Wonderful to hear!

For those coming across this page, it was mentioned in the feedback tool here:

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