Also showing plugins/themes in Non-MainWP Changes that were removed via FTP or failed update

Sometimes plugins/themes are removed via (S)FTP and will be automatically deactivated by WordPress. So would it be possible to detect that and show it as a “Non-MainWP Change”?

This would be useful for manually via (S)FTP or webhost’s filemanager deleted items, but might also be able to show updates that haven’t been completed successfully because the old version could not be removed (file locking or insufficient rights).

Of course I can create a feature request on, but first I’m wondering if this would even be possible.

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Hi @josklever

We’ll look into the feasibility of this and update you via this thread as soon as we can.

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When a plugin/theme is deleted via FTP, WP deactivates it in silent mode and the action deactivate_plugin does not get triggered.

However, it is possible that there may be other ways of detecting the deletion so please go ahead and create a feature request on and we will investigate this further when the time allows.

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Ready for upvotes!


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