Anyone tried WP Compress and would like to share experience?

hello tribe,

I am planning to buy WPCompress but very confused at this moment due to some not very good comments on support forum (one example here) but they got 44 , StarRatings so it confuses me at its best plus on their website they claim to have served thousands of website to loads faster etc but if you look at the plugin download stats on WordPress repository total plugin download is 1000+

MainWP is also partnered with them and also offers an extension for WPCompress so a recommendation or advice might help from MainWP team :slight_smile:

but I would love and greatly appreciate if anyone in this community could share their personal experience, feedback, advice?

thanks very much :slight_smile:


Hi, I can share my personal experiences with WP Compress for almost a 2 years now.
It works, it really works, it is speeding websites very much, premium support is very responsive and so far I had 2 issues with the tool.

Once I didn’t see anymore any of the images on my client’s site and it was a bug that support solved within 2 days. In the meantime I deactivated plugin, and after update I activated it, and it was all ok.

2nd time it gave me a white screen of death (at the beginning of its usage), but I deactivated it via FTP and when it was fixed I activated it again.

Those were only 2 big issues with it in the course of 2 years, and lately none such problems, it works and speed up all websites, especially I like its feature to speed up websites on mobiles, with adaptive images, webP on-the-fly conversions, etc…

I can peacefully recommend it to everybody, especially agencies and especially as a new version with many more features is coming, hardly waiting to check it out. :slight_smile:


WP Compress is solid up there with EWWW IO, ShortPixel, Imagify and TinyPNG.


thanks for the advice - i am going for it :slight_smile:

I normally use either WP Compress or gumlet, after trying most of the available ones.

It works really well, support is really responsive, nice and quick to fix things. I do recommend it wholeheartedly.

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