Auto Updates Not Happening?

When I get my Daily Digest recently, it appears it is not AutoUpdating trusted plugins. For example, yesterday’s Daily Digest and today’s Daily Digest seem to show the same updates pending or needed. My thinking is that today’s should show different ones. For example, here is an annotated screenshot showing a portion of yesterday’s (left) and today’s (right) digest, and showing the same update both days. I believe I have AutoUpdates enabled.

Screenshot: 12.02.2021-05.48.37

Any thoughts please on how best to check this or re-activate auto updates if it somehow has been disabled? Here’s a screenshot of the MainWP Settings page as well: 12.02.2021-05.52.27

Thank you!


In order to rule it out - Have you physically checked that they have been updated?

You may check your Systems Cron Jobs by navigating to MainWP > Status > Cron Schedules
If they are not showing they have fired off then please follow this writeup for the work around.

If this doesn’t work then we shall investigate further?

Hello, Keith. Thank you for your reply and sorry for my delayed reply. It’s been a busy week.

I checked the Cron Schedules and it appears the scheduled events are, indeed, running. Here is a screenshot: 12.05.2021-07.04.03 of what I see this morning (12/5/21, 7:04 a.m. Eastern Time.

Can you confirm that it’s running correctly?

If it is, please pardon my ignorance, but perhaps what is confusing me is that my Overview dashboard this morning shows updates available for 19 plugins, but my Daily Digest shows 22 plugin updates. Some of those show the same version number “detected” for several days. Could those be plugins that were shipped with themes and therefore will only update when the theme developers release an update? I suppose part of my question stems from the fact that the Overview and the Daily Digest seem not to match one another.

Also, I see on the Auto Updates Not Happening? support page (Auto Updates Not Happening? - #2 by kwcjr) that the screenshot shows nine cron jobs, while my screenshot shows only five. I realize that is a result of my settings, but can you tell me if those I have selected are adequate? Or do you recommend that I activate others?

Many thanks.

Hi Armando,

Please try to update your MainWP Dashboard to the version 4.1.11 and see if it solves the problem.

If the problem still exists after the update, please open a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

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