Automatic UPDATES doesn't work with this plugin

the updates do not work for the yoast seo plugin except on some of my sites and others not… I have to change my theme to make it work.

Update 16.6.1

its strange, others plugins and translations work

Hi Jean,

If changing the theme allows you to update the Yoast SEO plugin, it seems that there is some conflict between the Yoast SEO and the theme that you use.

This looks like something that needs to be reported to the theme author so they can check why the theme causes this behavior.

What theme are you using? I know that Avada needs to have a second theme installed like a default WP theme (inactive) in order to update it’s plugins and theme. I can’t find the support document that mentions this but I’ve dealt with this before and it fixed it.

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i have two different themes
cms superheroes and be theme
other sites have the same themes and it works

problems with updates persist today
WP Simple Pay Lite with be theme
do the latest mainwp updates require premium themes to be updated?
is there any way to find a php error somewhere in the server logs to see where the problem comes from?

Hi Jean,

MainWP doesn’t require premium themes to be updated.
However, the outdated theme could be causing some problems on the site so that is why I asked if you could test with a different theme.

Regarding the logs, it’s hard today, it depends if your host keeps error logging enabled. Also, I am not sure if you have the WP Debug log enabled. At this point, it’s hard to say since we don’t even know if the problem is caused by some conflict, PHP error, or even server-side performance problem.

It may be best to simply try with one of the default WP themes, and if it fails, you can open a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further.

i updated version theme but the problem is still here with mainwp, impossible to update
fortunately with the new wordpress automatic updates are included on the plugin
with the old theme this updates were desactivated

If you want, you can open a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further.

BE Theme is sold thru Envato. Just to rule out it out; do have Envato Market installed and activated with a license?

There was a similair situation in the past as you can read here and it was solved by installing Envato Market:

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BeTheme isn’t using Envato Market anymore (since version 20.0, June 19, 2017), but you need to activate the license via BeTheme - Dashboard: Installation & Updates – Betheme Support Center


ok thanks
i solved it the problem with updates theme


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